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This scales book is a classic in psychometrics. It is instrumental for survey researchers in the fields of advertising, marketing, consumer psychology, and other related fields that rely largely on attitudinal measures. My copy has gotten me through years of field research by helping provide testable, reliable scales.
Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin

Company History

Developed by Dr. Bruner, (Emeritus Professor of Marketing, Southern Illinois University), the Marketing Scales website provides assistance to those want to use scientific methods of measurement to understand what people think and feel.  This is a continuation of work that began in the late 1980s when Dr. Bruner and Dr. Paul J. Hensel noted that there was no easy-to-use resource for those trying to find multi-item measurement scales for use in marketing-related research.  They set out to develop such a resource and their efforts ultimately led to the publication of the Marketing Scales Handbook (Volume 1).  The book was published by the American Marketing Association in 1992 and was the first collection of marketing-related measurement scales ever published.  That was followed over the next 15 years by several more volumes as well as changes in co-authors and publishers.  By the time Volume 5 was ready to be released, changes in technology and the world of publishing led Dr. Bruner (the only remaining author) to publish the book himself in electronic form.  A simple website was created where that book could be purchased.

In 2011, the current website was built and featured the scales database.  At that point, only the revised versions of the consumer-related measures from Volumes 1 to 4 were included.  (Organizational scales from Volumes 1 to 3 of the series were not included.)  Since then, the contents of the other volumes have been added, with the database growing by several hundred new reviews each year.  The current total is now over 4,800!

The primary purpose of the Marketing Scales website is to greatly reduce a researcher's effort to find multi-measures for use in studies.  Instead of being hidden away in hard to find and difficult to decipher academic journals, the scales have been located, reviewed, and made available in one place.  Searching the database is much faster than attempting to find them in academic journals and then taking the time to figure out a scale’s quality and composition (the individual measurement items and response format). 

Finally, the site provides other benefits beyond the database. The Lexicon page is useful for understanding the statistical and psychometric terminology routinely employed in the reviews. Likewise, the Readings page provides references that are useful when a person wants to learn more about scale-related issues such as the process of constructing and validating measures. If your interest is in having a set of scale reviews in ebook form, purchase Volume 5, 6, and/or 7 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series here.  Finally, check out the full list of books and editions that are available at