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The Marketing Scales Handbook is indispensable in identifying how constructs have been measured and the support for a measure's validity and reliability. I have used it since the beginning as a resource in my doctoral seminar and as an aid to my own research. An electronic version will make it even more accessible to researchers in Marketing and affiliated fields.
Dr. Terry Childers
Iowa State University


How much a person is experiencing positive affect as a result of having done something considered to be good, helpful, and/or caring is measured with four, seven-point items.

The extent to which a person believes that the reviewer of a particular product has strong, positive feelings and thoughts related to the brand is measured with four, seven-point items. 

Seven uni-polar items measure the degree of positive feelings experienced when consuming a food or other consumable. 

Composed of eight, five-point items, this scale measures the extent to which a person experienced uplifting and positive feelings after having made a particular decision.

This scale uses three, seven-point Likert-type items to measure how much a consumer believes that he/she would experience positive affect from purchase of a particular brand or product that benefits local producers in developing countries.

How much a person thinks about and is frightened by the negative consequences that could be caused by a particular pharmaceutical medication is measured with five items.

Four, seven-point Likert-type items measure how much a person believes he/she and a particular other person expressed emotions in the same way at a certain time in the past.  The time period is not specified in the items but must be stated in the instructions.  The person being compared to is identified in the items.

Six, seven-point Likert-type items measure how much a person believes he/she was able to understand another person’s emotions based on non-verbal signals that were expressed.

How a consumer expects to feel after using a particular product is measured with eight, seven-point uni-polar items.

How much a person is experiencing negative affect due to disconnectedness from other people is measured with five, nine-point items.