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This website has truly been a welcome gift! The Day Pass is extremely affordable & the site is so user friendly to navigate. It provides a wealth of information including, the source, validity, & references for my doctorate research project. I highly recommend this to anyone as it is truly an invaluable research tool!
Suzanne Cromlish, PhD
Saint Xavier University, Chicago


The scale uses three items to measure the hypothetical likelihood that a customer will buy the product recommended by a salesperson rather than the one originally planned.  

How well a customer believes that a salesperson expresses him/herself is measured in this scale with three items.

The scale is composed of four, seven-point Likert-type items that measure how much a customer believes that a particular salesperson tried to learn the needs and offer products that would satisfy the person.

Six, seven-point items measure how much a customer feels that a particular employee, such as a salesperson, was listening and understood what one was saying.  The emphasis of the items is on cognitive aspects of listening rather than behavioral.

How satisfied a customer is with a salesperson, particularly with respect to the producs and service provided, is measured with three, seven-point Likert-type items.

Three items are used to measure the degree to which a person receives information from someone else that is beyond what the person was already aware of.  The items in the scale are rather general but may make the most sense when an important decision is about to be made by a person (the participant) and a conversation with someone with greater knowledge or expertise on the topic provides information that changes the participant's attitude.

With three items, the scale measures how much a customer in a store learned information, primarily from an employee, that was relevant.

The degree to which a customer believes that his/her purchase decision was influenced by a particular agent is measured with six, five-point items.

How much a person has recommended a particular real estate agent to others is measured with five, five-point items.

The degree of loyalty a customer has to a particular agent, even if the agent moved to another company in the same industry, is measured with three, five-point items.