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As a researcher, it's important to use validated scales to ensure reliability and improve interpretation of research results. The Marketing Scales database provides an easy, unified source to find and reference scales, including information on reliability and validity.
Krista Holt
Senior Director, Research & Design, Vital Findings

Marketing Scales Handbook - Volume 5 (Single User Version)

Volume 5 of the Marketing Scales Handbook series covers scales that were used in studies published in the top marketing journals from 2002 to 2005. (Download sample.)  Volume 5 was the last book in the series to provide cumulative reviews of the most used scales up to that point.  In other words, the scales that had been used the most over a 20+ year period were not reviewed again in the subsequent volumes such as the most popular measures of Attitude Toward the Brand, Attitude Toward the Ad, Behavioral Intention, and Enduring Involvement. (More recently created measures of those constructs may have been reviewed in Volumes 6 and 7 but not the ones that had been used dozens of times in the previous decades.)

The book features reviews of scales for use with consumers or similar types of respondents such as viewers, patients, contributors, or citizens. To be included in the volume, the scales had to be composed of three or more items, have empirical evidence of their psychometric quality, and have been treated by their users as reflective measures rather than formative. With those general rules in mind, a search was conducted of hundreds of articles published in the top marketing journals during a four-year period (2002-2005). Ultimately, 716 scales were identified as meeting the stated criteria and were reviewed for the volume.

Volume 5 is only available in electronic form (*.pdf).  Once it is purchased and downloaded, it may be viewed using Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe Reader. It also allows the user to:

  • search the book, for quickly finding particular topics, phrases, or authors
  • copy text, for easy cutting-and-pasting of scale items into questionnaires
  • print text, for making paper copies of pages for personal usage off-line
  • highlight, to bring attention to particular material in the book
  • comment, to type and leave notes on pages of the book

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If you are still uncertain about buying the book, you can get a clearer idea of what it contains by downloading the sample. It has the Table of Contents, the Introduction, a couple of sample scale reviews, and the Subject Index.  Some videos are also available for you to watch here at the website that describe the book's contents and explain how to select measures for use in a survey or experiment.

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