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The Marketing Scales Handbook is indispensable in identifying how constructs have been measured and the support for a measure's validity and reliability. I have used it since the beginning as a resource in my doctoral seminar and as an aid to my own research. An electronic version will make it even more accessible to researchers in Marketing and affiliated fields.
Dr. Terry Childers
Iowa State University

Marketing Scales Handbook - Volume 8 (Single User Version)

This volume of the Marketing Scales Handbook series is Volume 8.  It picks up where Volume 7 ended but does not overlap with it or any of the other volumes.  The reviews in this volume are completely new.  (Download sample.) 

The scales reviewed in this volume are for use in surveys and experiments when studying a very wide set of constructs relevant to understanding “consumers” or similar types of participants such as viewers, clients, or citizens. To be included in the volume, the scales had to be composed of at least three items, have empirical evidence of their psychometric quality, and have been treated as reflective measures (rather than formative ones) of the focal constructs by their users. Using those general guidelines, 650+ articles were examined from the top scholarly journals in 2012 and 2013 that publish consumer behavior research. Ultimately, 392 scales were found to meet the stated criteria and were reviewed for the volume.

The bulk of the scales in Volume 8 have to do with topics typical to the series such as brands, advertising, shopping, emotional responses, e-commerce, and health.  Other topics in this volume that were covered less in previous volumes have to do with environmental issues, word-of-mouth activity, game-playing, fair trade, and co-production.

Volume 8 is available as a paperback from  There is also a Kindle version, the only volume of the series in that format!  With the free Kindle Reading App, the book can be read on a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, and computers. Among the benefits of having the book this way are:

  • Searching, to quickly find particular topics, phrases, or authors
  • Highlighting, to bring attention to particular material
  • Commenting, when wanting to leave notes to yourself on pages
  • Personalizing, adjust text size, background color & more

Again, if you are still uncertain about buying the book, you can get a clearer idea of what Volume 8 contains by downloading the sample. It has the Table of Contents, a few pages of scale reviews, and some other material.  Videos are also available for you to watch that describe how the book is helpful in selecting measures for use when developing a questionnaire.