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This scales book is a classic in psychometrics. It is instrumental for survey researchers in the fields of advertising, marketing, consumer psychology, and other related fields that rely largely on attitudinal measures. My copy has gotten me through years of field research by helping provide testable, reliable scales.
Angeline Close Scheinbaum, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin


  • Marketing Scales Handbook Overview

    In this initial video, the benefits of a Marketing Scales Handbook are presented by the author, Dr. Gordon C. Bruner II (Professor Emeritus, Southern Illinois University). Dr. Bruner discusses some of the things that can be done with a book, in particular, how to quickly locate measures of interest from the hundreds of scales reviewed. The Table of Contents, the Subject Index, and the keyword search function are featured.  (Although this video and the others below were made with reference to Volume 5, most of the information is relevant for the other volumes as well.  The information regarding the reviews themselves may also be useful for those using a Day Pass to access the complete database of reviews.)

  • Steps in finding a Scale

    In this video, Dr. Bruner goes into more detail regarding the first steps in finding a scale of interest.  The emphasis in this video is on using a book's Table of Contents and Subject Index.  The text search function is relevant for the ebook versions.

  • Choosing between Scales

    In some cases, there are alternative measures provided in a book for measuring the same thing. This is even more likely to be true with scales in the full database.  In this video, Dr. Bruner discusses how to use information in the Scale Description and Scale Items fields of the reviews to help select one scale from the alternatives.

  • Scale Quality

    This video focuses on the parts of each review having to do with psychometric quality.  Not only does Dr. Bruner discuss in general terms what reliability and validity mean with regard to measurement scales but he also describes the kinds of information that users of a book can expect to find in the reviews.


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