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Scale Categories

All of the scales reviewed in the database are placed into at least one of these major categories. As an alternative to doing a keyword search, you can click on these category names and see what scales are related to them. Keep in mind that some of the categories have dozens of scale reviews while other categories contain hundreds.

Search the Scales Library


If you are looking for measures of attitudes, emotions, values, traits, etc. to use in a questionnaire, this is where you can search the largest repository of multi-item scales that have been used in consumer-related surveys and experiments.  Yes, you can use the same measures as the world's top consumer scientists!  Each of the full reviews has information about a scale's measurement quality, who has used it, and the questions/statements that compose it.  For an idea of what a full review looks like, see this sample.

How to Find & Purchase Scale Reviews

Option #1: Day Pass 

If you want to read about and compare 4, 25, 75, or even 100 scales, the best deal is the Day Pass.  For just $39, you will have 24 hours of access to the database in which time you can read the full reviews of up to 100 scales and download as many as 50 of them.  That is a $550 value!  (Read more about the Day Pass.)

Option #2: Individual

If you only want one or two scales and you are sure which of the thousands of scales is best for your research then this option may make the most sense.  In that case, scale reviews are $11 a piece.  To begin, start your search by using any of the methods described below. 

  • One way to search is by typing 1-3 words in the search box above. The search terms may be the name of a construct (e.g., loyalty), a key part of a scale’s description (e.g., Internet), or an author’s name (e.g., Smith). 
  • An alternative way to find a scale of interest is to click on a category of interest (to the left).  Skim through the brief descriptions of scales associated with the category.  Each scale in the database is associated with at least one of these major groups.
  • The third way to search for scales is to look through the hundreds of key words that have been used to code each scale.  The list is shown at the bottom part of the site map.  Each scale has been coded with between four and six key words.  When you click on a key word, brief descriptions of the scales associated with it will be listed.

When you find a scale for which you want to download the full review document, click the Add to cart button under its brief description.  After selecting all the reviews you want, click the Shopping Cart at the top right corner of the page to continue the purchase process.  After paying for your order, click on the Purchased Reviews tab on My Account page and from there you can download the document(s) you ordered.